Please fill in the necessary items and apply.

☆League of Legends☆

Master of Chicken Gamingでは現在LJLCS 2018 Summer Splitに向けLoLのチーム再建のためメンバーを募集しています。
Master of Chicken Gaming is currently recruiting members for LoL team rebuilding for LJLCS 2018 Summer Split.

Those who wish to join the team, please apply after confirming the application guidelines below.

After reviewing the content of the application, we will reply to only the target person within 3 days after the review.

■■■■■募集要項 (requirements)■■■■■

・Support、Jungle、Mid、ADC、コーチ及びアナリスト ※未経験歓迎
Support,Jungle,Mid,ADC,Coach or Analyst. ※Welcome inexperienced person

over 18 years of age and living in japan (no upper limit on age, regardless of nationality)

People who can communicate in minimum Japanese.

People who can abide by LJL rule.

Person who has comfortable environment (PC, Internet network) for playing LoL.

・Season7又はSeason8 日本サーバーのSoloQレートDiamond5以上の方、他サーバー考慮(選手のみ)
Season 7 or Season 8 SoloQ rate on Japan server Diamond 5 or higher, Other servers are also OK (player only)

Those who can participate in practice at least 3 days a week, from 21 o’clock to 24 o’clock.

Those who can handle lots of champions.

People who can actively communicate.


Basic team joining flow.

Entry → Applicants will be shortlisted based on their email → Person interview → Tryout → Formal subscription